As a superstar sprinter, Tori Bowie is constantly on the go, but she knows she can’t let up on her workouts if she wants to be the best in the world. So she’s developed a way to keep up.

Tori’s fierce work ethic helped drive her from sprint rookie in 2014 to Olympic triple medalist two years later. But as she prepares for the 2017 outdoor season, she’s turned her training up another notch.

“I’ve come back and I’m giving my 100 percent, so I’m really looking forward to this season,” she recently told “I’m still so proud [of my accomplishments in Rio], but not getting that gold medal has motivated me more than anything in life. I’m almost happy that it didn’t happen.”

Since returning to training for the 2017 season, Tori has packed her schedule with plenty of work to improve on her already impressive efforts. She works out every day of the week, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., splitting her time between the track and the weight room.

On the track she alternates between speed and endurance workouts. In the weight room, she’s adopted an Olympic lift routine after years of avoiding strength work. “I finally learned the positions recently, after about a year of working on them,” she says. Those workouts generally consist of power cleans, deadlifts and push presses, but she also puts in time on core work in the gym. Then, in the middle of the week, she spends her Wednesday workout in the pool doing recovery work.

It all makes for a pretty comprehensive week-to-week workout that has her in top shape for the 2017 outdoor season. Once that season gets underway, TB will be doing plenty of traveling. But don’t expect her to let up on her workouts. She’s developed a special hotel workout that keeps her on her game even when she’s away from her training home. And it’s a perfect workout for any traveler, be it a world class athlete, a businessman or woman, or even a summer vacationer.

If possible Tori says you want to start with a 10-minute treadmill run to get loose and get some cardio work in. Then it’s onto this simple but effective routine that should take no more than 20 minutes!